Cienfuegos Pearl of the South
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  Cienfuegos, Perla del Sur is located on the southern coast of Cuba on Caribbean Sea, 250 km east from Havana. Area
  embraces one of the most beautiful bays, Jagua a former site of Indian settlements and stalking grounds for pirates and
  corsairs. Cienfuegos is one of the chief seaports of Cuba, is the center of the sugar, coffee and tobacco trade. At the
  entrance to Bahia de Cienfuegos is Castillo de Jagua, a fortress erected 1740s for protection against Caribbean pirates.

  French settlers from Louisiana founded the city in 1819, the capital of Cienfuegos province, is surrounded by one of the
  most picturesque and fertile regions in Cuba. While sugarcane is the chief crop, local farmers grow coffee. Cienfuegos
  Bay it considered one of the best bays in the world, ideal conditions for regattas and sea fishing, diving and snorkeling.
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Punta Gorda - Zoom in
   Cienfuegos has a number of nice parks, cafe bars and restaurants you can visit. The biggest Park Marti located right at
   the center, you will enjoy your stay in this park drinking Cuban coffee at the cafe bar or drink Cuban special Mochito at
   the wine bar. Take a long walk along spectacular seacoast avenue, you can also take a ferry across the bay to castle
  "Castillo de Jagua"surrounded by a beautiful rocky shore. It takes about one hour to cross the Jagua Bay on the ferry.
Hotel Jagua Cienfuegos Hotels:

4 Stars Hotel Jagua

Situated at the Punta Gorda overlooking the bay, 9 km from airport. Short walk from Cienfuegos historical center, hotel offer panoramic view on the Cienfuegos Bay, and large swimming pool right at the shore.

Hotel Casa Verde
4 Stars Boutique Hotel Casa Verde

Situated at the well known area of Punta Gorda, 9 km from airport. Newest Colonial Boutique Hotel, building resembles
a Victorian modern house and was built at the beginning of the past century, right at the shore.

Hotel La Union
4 Stars Boutique Hotel La Union

Situated in heart of Cienfuegos historical center, 7 km from airport. Union Boutique Hotel boasts a reborn classical motif mid-sized lodging. Hotel offer swimming pool, close to 'Benny More' disco night club and beautiful park Marti.

Hotel Palacio Azul
3 Stars   Boutique Hotel Palacio Azul 

Situated near historical center at the Pier, 8 km from airport. Palacio Azul Inn, built in 1921 decoration representative of the eclectic style. Hugo Chavez President of Venezuela stay here in room Dalia, during his official visit in Cienfuegos.

City atractions info This city has a very pleasant atmosphere, safe for tourist with remarkable friendly people. Attractive colonial architecture, a lot of palms, exotic old trees and churches gives Cienfuegos its historic beauty.

Tours from Cienfuegos, obtained at the any Hotels tourist bureau: Excursion to El Nicho falls, Trip to Botanical Garden.

Trinidad  Don't miss a trip to the colonial historic town, one of the seven original cities of Cuba.  Colonial Trinidad

Crabs migrations

Crabs migration  Every year in May on the island of Cuba, land crabs migrate from the mountains to the sea, from their    forest home to the coastline, to release their eggs into the Caribbean Sea. Many crabs not survive the journey while
   crossing busy pathway near the sea, road from Cienfuegos to Trinidad. 
play video Crab Migration

Botanic Garden Cuban's largest Botanic Garden is located about 25 km from Cienfuegos. You can get there by taxi,
   or you have to rent a car and drive, admission for tourist is CUC$ 5.
  Botanic Garden and Castle Jagua

El Nicho falls

El Nicho Falls  Are sited at the Sierra de Trinidad mountain, about hour drive by Jeep.  El Nicho waterfalls
   Sierra de Trinidad mountainous is the second highest point in Cuba The falls are surrounded by pure nature, pure relax.
Tomas Terry Theater. Visit city museum, and interesting colonial style theater. The Theatre has its own symphonic   orchestra, enjoy an excellent concert at the Parque Marti given by a folk singer with his backup band. Theatre

Cienfuegos Parque Marti
 Parque Marti

Palacio de Valle Palacio de Valle  Photos

Former palace which at one time was a casino and is now a restaurant and gift shop. Situated in Punta Gorda on end of the city main avenue, toward end of the coast. The Ballet Place with its peculiar architecture diverse structural and ornamental styles, among them the Mohammedan Art. Palacio de Valle host of a stylish restaurant, you can listen to the piano enjoying your seafood. Live music every Saturday, at the roof is a small cafe bar with spectacular view of the bay.

Cienfuegos Bay Yacht Club

point Benny More Disco dance at night at the most popular discotheque-night club, situated right the hotel Union near park.

Horse back raiding, on beach Finca de Vega

Horse back raiding available at the farm about 58 km from Cienfuegos at the coast road to Trimidad.  Beach area

Dive flag Whale Shark Scuba Diving Center
Located in Hotel Rancho Luna just 16 km from Cienfuegos, operated by Marlin. Seabed: Coral reefs, walls & sunken ships.
Dive sites: Crown depth 15m, Arimao Ship depth 18m, Camaronero depth 12m, Coral depth 8m, Rio Club Ship depth 10m. Shallow corals and a good variety of marine life to explore, coupled excellent visibility, makes for excellent diving.

Blue house in the park
Lodgings - hotels info Perfect rectilinear route of its streets and a well-preserved historical center distinguished by the majesty of the buildings made the following French palace where neoclassic eclectic combine perfect harmony. Beach hotels >
Ranch Luna beach

Hotels on the beach
You can stay in all-inclusive beachfront vacation resorts, Rancho Luna and Faro Luna, the hotels offer free: catamaran, water bicycle, kayak and snorkling equipment, horse back raiding. Scuba diving free lesson at the hotel pool.  

3 Stars  Diving center  Hotel Rancho Luna All-inclusive hotel spot for a sun and sand vacation, 16 km from Cienfuegos.

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3 Stars  Hotel Faro Luna All-inclusive hote built in a small cove on southern coast, 17 km from Cienfuegos.

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3 Stars  Diving center  Villa Guajimico  Located between Cienfuegos and Trinidad, an Eco Resort true divers paradise.

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2 Stars  Villa Yaguanabo Small comfortable cabanas protected by exuberant vegetation, 42 km from airport.

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2 Stars  Hotel Pasacaballo Located at coast of Cienfuegos bay offers beautiful views, 22 km from Cienfuegos.

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