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Hotel Melia Habana, Miramar
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Hotel Barcelo Habana Ciudad
5 Stars  Quinta Avenida Habana

Location: Miramar near financial district, overlooking famous 5th Ave
If you're looking for luxury contemporary hotel in Havana the hotel is the perfect option. Spacious and modern decorated rooms, buffet or a la carte meals, freshwater swimming pool in a natural setting, live music, evening entertainment show.

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Hotel Melia Habana 5 Stars  Melia Habana           About the hotel movie

Location: in the heart of Miramar near business center, at the shore.
Excellent facilities, services and a favourite for business/events visitors. Near Pabexpo, long swimming pool. Night show and Disco. Wide range of sports facilities: Tennis, Squash, Golf and Bowling. Luxury Hotel.

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          4 Star         
Hotel Panorama 4 Stars  Panorama

Location: in Miramar center, near various embassies at the shore.
Contemporary newly built hotel. Offer excellent services and food, Don Alfredo restaurant and Bistro Berlin german restaurant. Modern large swimming pool. Spacious rooms with panoramic view at the sea. Free Shuttle Bus service to Old Havana.

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Hotel Comodoro 4 Stars  Comodoro        Diving center

Location: Miramar Playa, sea front seating at the beach.
Diving Center, bungalow complex in the heart of Miramar district. Small private beach with marine sports. GYM, Sauna and Jacuzzi. Near shopping centre, has long swimming pool and Night Club.

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Hotel Memories Miramar 4 Stars  Memories Miramar

Location: at Fifth Avenue, in the luxurious area of Miramar.
Commercial, diplomatic and residential area, within walking distance of Havana's Aquarium and Miramar Trade Center. Has modern large swimming pool.

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         3 Star                    
Hotel Kohly
3 Stars  Kohly 

Location: in residential Miramar, next to the Havana Forest.
Spot blessed with privacy and natural beauty, offer nice swimming pool. Economical accommodation in Miramar.

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Hotel El Bosque 3 Stars  El Bosque   

Location: in corner of the unique Havana forest, Miramar.
Central accommodation in peaceful surroundings, privacy and natural beauty, few minute drive from downtown Havana, next to a big park alongside the banks of Almendares River.

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Hotel Triton
3 Stars  Triton  

Location: in residential area of Miramar on the sea shore.
Guests can enjoy a lovely panoramic view of Havana and the sea, nice large swimming pool. Privileged surroundings Palacio de las Convenciones and Pabexpo.

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Aparthotel Montehabana 3 Stars  Montehabana

Location: residential Miramar, near to seafront.
Very Modern Aparthotel in area of business and diplomatic representations. Has well equipped kitchen, for business, conventional tourists and long term guests and swimming pool.
Long stay apartment complex.

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Hotel Copacabana 3 Stars  Copacabana        Diving center

Location: in Miramar Playa, open to the sea right on the Atlantic.
Quiet city location, with the possibility to combine Havana city, with the practice of Scuba Diving and enjoy visit to National Aquarium. Has very comfortable rooms and natural ocean swimming pool.

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Club Acuario 3 Stars Club Acuario        Diving center
All-Inclusive Hotel in Marina Hemingway Yacht Club
Location: Marina Hemingway, International Yacht Club, Miramar.
Hotel comprises an entire complex of stores, restaurants, bars, a shopping center, disco, docks for yachts, International Diving Center. Pools fresh water and sea salted water. Swimming and Sea fishing.
Free Shuttle Bus service to Havana center and Old Havana.

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