Rancho Luna house

Room for rent at the Cienfuegos lovely Rancho Luna beach.

Enjoy view of beautiful beach, stay at house of Manuel Busto, this is the best places where you can enjoy your stay in Cienfuegos.

 Rancho Luna beach

Rent a room at the Cienfuegos unspoiled Cuban beach, about 15 km drive east of Cienfuegos. You can get there by taxi from Cienfuegos Airport, for $CUC 20. House of Manuel Busto Solis, located 100 m away from Avenida Del Golfo, close to hotel "Faro Luna" and only 100 m away from the Rancho Luna beach, where you will be able to enjoy the agreeable typical breeze of the sea
and the best view at the beach from your patio.

 Rancho Luna Beach house
Room has one double bed. Private bathroom with hot and cold water, Air conditioning, Privacy and Security,
Breakfast and dinner available on request, Parking at front of the house, Attention in Spanish and English.
Rent a room for $CUC 25 high season $CUC 30 room per night.
Make reservation by phone: Cuba 53 - 42  218-025   e-mail: rancholunaroom@correosonline.co.cu   
Address: Avenu del Golfe  # 11  Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos, Cuba.

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