Cayo Coco
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Cayo Coco is the best Cuba's vacation region, known as "Jardines del Rey" which is first name given back in 1514 by the discoverer Conquistador Diego Velazquez. Jardines del Rey - King's Gardens was named by Velazquez in 1522 in honor of Spanish King Ferdinand.
All this Cayo Coco islands are still untouched beauty of the archipelago Sabana Camaguey. The largest archipelago of the four that surround the island of Cuba. It's more than 30 kilometers of virgin beaches and the particular charm of its Coral formations.
Jardines del Rey, which has 16 excellent beaches, 11 of which are under exploitation and where ten hotels were built, is located in the Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago, made up of 2,515 keys of marine platform, so it is an ideal place to practice scuba diving, snorkeling and other nautical sports.

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Islands of Cayo Coco is paradisiacal place for the best nature vacation in Cuba. Relevant for the balance and degree of preservation of the ecosystem it has attained, by protecting its virgin atmosphere, isolated from modern busy world.

"Jardines del Rey" has high scenic and environmental values and well preserved tropical ecosystems, that turn it into a destination capable of seducing the most demanding visitors. Cayo Coco is the forth island in term of size forming the Cuban archipelagoand it's located to the Atlantic cost of Cuba.

Privileged reserve for flora and fauna, this key hosts species such as the wading birds, particularly the coconut the island was named after, pink flamingo which total over 30,000 birds are among the biggest herds in the world.
It is also favorite habitat for other bird species such as: woodpecker, mockingbird and pelicans.
Cayo Coco was named after the large population of white ibis mostly known as coco bird, due to the large colony of pink flamingos that lives on the south side of keys.

Touched by the waters of Old Canal of Bahamas, Cayo Coco island is linked to the mainland by a causeway, nearly 30 km long, that crosses beautiful "Dog's Bay" Bahía de Perros. To enter Cayos you must show your passport.
Nowadays the Cayo islands, are homes for numbers of luxury resorts, offers you the privilege of take a dip in the water and walk on the fine sand of magnificent beaches.

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