Yumuri Valley - Varadero Nature

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   Varadero Nature
Varadero nature
Around 30% the total area of the Hicacos Peninsula (on its eastern side) is occupied by Varahicacos ecology reserve, whose exceptional attributes include a well-preserved coastal ecosystem and the survival of rare examples of cactus tree
(Dendrocerus Nudiflorus), in some cases estimated to date back over 500 years. Old Catus
Together with these vegetables formations there is a very special collection of fauna with abundant examples of reptiles and birds. Situated right in the center of Varadero, Josone Park is a place for nature lovers enjoy.

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Yumuri Valley
The nearby valleys of Yumuri and the Canimar and Bacunayagua rivers are also outstanding areas for those who wish to enjoy nature. However, undoubtedly its largest outlet is Montemar Nature Reserve, in the Peninsula de Zapata Biosphere Reserve, where the largest wetland on the insular Caribbean is situated. Once here be sure to visit the Laguna del Tesoro, the Taino village of Guama, La Boca crocodile breeding ground, and La Salina refuge for fauna, an outstanding place for bird-watching. Zapata
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Active tourism:
The options for enjoying an active holiday in Varadero are varied and highly attractive, even right in the heart of the health resort, where Josone Park reserves a special place for nature lovers to spend some time.
A well as being able to practice any water sport, the spa and its nearby keys provide an ideal place to go diving and snorkeling. Three international diving centers are in operation and over 30 immersion points have been identified including those in the Cayo Piedras del Norte Sea Park an exclusive and the Cueva de Saturno, a flooded underground passageway. Scuba Diving Center

Divers can also practice their sport in the waters of Bahia de Cochinos, Peninsula de Zapata, where there are a further 14 immersion points. This health resort has the only professional golf course of the archipelago 18 holes. Flying club for those who like parachuting it is possible to jump with or without an instructor, those wish to fly in a balsa wood microlight aircraft.

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It is also possible to take a trip in helicopter to the Valle de Yumuri, participate in a lorry safari along the banks of the river Canimar and journey back up its waters in sailing or rowing boat. Join a tour of sugar plantation and go on an old steam train, or travel around the navigable channels in the south of the peninsula on jet skis.

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Other sound options for entertainment in Varadero include swimming with dolphins, trips on an underwater observation vessel, trips to nearby keys on board sailing ships and catamarans. Day night-time pirate adventures on galleon, processions to sites of archaeological digs, visits to the Cuevas de Bellamar, caves situated in Matanzas, or the Ambrosio and Musulmanes caves on Hicacos peninsula itself, or days of fishing with light tackle on Zapata Peninsula.

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