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Cuban Music is a Vibrant Carnival Beat
Smooth and joyful music, dynamic combination of rhythms from the world's from African and Latin regions.

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Cuba music - link Learn how to dance Salsa befor your trip to Cuba,
have fun dancing Salsa!

Salsa dance lesson:

Basic Steps - Salsa Lesson (Spanish)

Beginner - Salsa Lesson (English)

Intermediate - Salsa Lesson (English)

Havana's Salsa Dance Clubs:
- Havana Café, where you might spot Matt Dillon sucking Cohiba Esplendidos with Naomi Campbell.
  Located in Hotel Cohiba, Vedado.

- La Cecilia, large outdoor club featuring big name salsa stars, big bands and dance performances. Great sound system.  lively,   attractive, mixed crowd. Located on 5ta Avenida y Street 110.
-Torquino On the top floor of a high-rise Habana Libre Tryp Hotel overlooking central Havana, decor is 1970s disco.
  Located street L  e/ 23 y 25. Vedado center

- Casa del la Musica hot Cuban music and salsa dance.
  Located street 20 at corner 35
- Macumba nightclub, live music, the best Timba and Salsa groups play here, Has large outdoor dancing and stage areas,
  each with its own bar, in a tropical ambience with lush gardens everywhere. There is also a large pool and a number of shops for       fashion, jewelry, and gifts and Fashion Show.
  Located street 222 and 37, La Lisa, Havana West.

- Café Cantante disco, live music some nights, a good dance venue, frequented by foreign and Cuban audiences.
  Music features Salsa, the club no longer let's the girls in without an escort.
  Located in National Theater, street Paseo & 39, Plaza de la Revolucion, Vedado.

Cuban Salsa
Smooth and joyful, is a dynamic combination of rhythms from the world's from African and Latin regions. Although the term Salsa is characteristic of a Cuban style of music, the term actually originated in New York City in Latin barrios. Term Salsa became a marketing tool in the early 1960s, was used to lump all Latino music into one category.
Mix of different rhythms known as Mambo, Son, Guaguanco, Cha cha, originated in Cuba and they contribute to what is known as Salsa. The very term "Salsa" is itself ambiguous, and its use reflects some of the contradictions and complexities of the genre" Although salsa is derived from many cultures, its backbone is the modern Cuban Son.

Salsa stream

Casino Salsa
Cuban Salsa is also known as "Casino Salsa" from which came "Casino Rueda". The dance moves are characterized by complicated arm movements.

Developed in eastern rural areas of Cuba around the twentieth century. Son is a distinctly Afro Cuban musical style because it uses an African rhythm called son, and is a part of much Cuban music.

Music and dance style is also derived from African music is played on conga drums, claves, and guiro.

Appeared in the 1930s also uses African rhythms.

Cha cha
Slower version of the Mambo, appeared in the early 1950s. Because its rhythms are simpler than the mambo, and it is easier to dance, the Cha cha cha became quickly popular.

Live Salsa Listen SalsaListen Salsa

Music from the rural areas, of western and central Cuba. This is Cuba’s country music, called musica guajira, or musica campesina. This rural music is influenced by the Spanish style.

Recently a group of Cuban musicians, called Buena Vista Social Club was rediscovered, then toured internationally and appeared in New York City’s Carnegie Hall. Buena Vista Social Club raised international awareness of classic Cuban folk music and salsa.


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