Sintesis is distinguished as a unique integration of ancestral and contemporary sources of popular Cuban music. African elements are combined with the creative procedures of international Jazz, Rock and Pop music. Sintesis has been without doubt among the most avant-garde sounds, having recuperated an important section of the Afro-Cuban culture through rock music, giving it a rejuvenated vision. The group is among the best known and popular music bands in Cuba.

Carlos Alfonso is one of the first Cuban creators of rock music in Spanish language. He experimented and defined Afro-Cuban rock, an invention full of yoruba and lucumi prayers and songs, which had been kept apart from the great audience until that moment. Sintesis has taken its music to Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, England, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands , Portugal, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada and United States.

Sintesis has worked with many notable artists, poets and bands, including Chucho Valdes,: Jimmy Earl, Irakere, Gonzalo Rubalcava, Miguel Anga, Montell Jordan, Winston Marsalis, Silvio Rodriguez Mi'shell Nge O'Cello, Stuart Copeland, Amaury Perez, Los Van Van, Pablo Milanes and Donato Poveda.

Carlos Alfonso, the director of the group, once said: "We have a generational, cultural and ethnic commitment. Without any formalism, we have made our music in our way, in the language of our time we recorded elevens discs, several of which have received prizes, including: Best Rock Recording,
for "Hilo Directo" Premio Egrem 1989 Great “Golden Syncopation Prize”,
for "Ancestros" - Premio Egrem 1990 Best Rock Recording, "En los Limites del Barrio" Premio Egrem 1997.