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US to Cuba

American Travelers heading to Cuba will need cash, and a good bit of it.†Cuban Convertible Pesos CUC$ go 

U.S. visitors suffer sticker shock at the island's lofty prices almost as fast as they notice Havana's colonial architecture.

Most of the basic needs of travelers: hotels, rental cars and restaurants are expensive, compared to other Latin American countries. However, there are alternatives for traveling on the cheap, such as casas particulares cost about CUC$ 35 to US$ 50 per night, private homes whose owners have government permission to rent rooms to visitors.

Hard-currency peso used mostly by tourists and foreign companies on the island is now be worth US$ 1. Each hard currency peso "Convertible Pesos" is worth 24 of the standard Cuban pesos with which most Cubans are paid in an unusual two-tiered currency system. Base exchange rate is US$ 1.00 to CUC$ 1.00

Do not change money on the street, is illegal.

Always bring only new notes, without any damage or marks, all the coins are useless.
Take cash to Cuba, exchange your money in the hotel are usually very expensive.
• ATMs Not widely available outside tourist areas.
• Travelerís Cheques banks charge high commission to cash them, not all the places accept them.
• Credit Cards you can get cash with any non US credit card. Bring your passport, banks charge extra commission
• Counterfeit Convertible Pesos CUC$ are quite common, do not change money on the street.

The best option for Americans is to purchase all-inclusive package from Canada, hotel and rent a car online.

Cuba has two currencies: the Cuban peso, known as moneda nacional, which Cubans typically get as salaries and use in routine purchases; and the Cuban convertible peso, which is called the CUC$ and informally known as the chavito by Cubans on the island.

A Cuban convertible peso is worth 24 Cuban Pesos, though most travelers have little use for the latter. Cuba officially sets the value of the CUC$ at $1.00, the currency charge a rate of $US 1.00 to CUC$

Cuban money exchange CADECA - the government-run currency exchange, has locations throughout Cuban cities for converting foreign money to pesos. Hotels and other tourist haunts will also change money, but they give even worse exchange rates. Cubans Pesos 24 exchange to 1 $CUC Convertible Pesos. 

The exchange rates are based on Cuban Convertible Peso CUC$ 1.00 to US$ 1.00
You will need to show your passport to exchage money in bank.

The best, cheapest exchange rate you will get in CADECA - Casas de Cambio.

$ € £ Currency converter go

Foreign Currency Accepted by Cuban Banks - Exchage Rates to Cuban Convertible Peso CUC $  
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar  CAD $ 1 = CUC$ 0.77
US Dollar US Dollar  US $ 1 = CUC$ 1.00
Mexican Peso Mexican Peso  MXP 1 = CUC$ 0.062
Euros Euro  EUR € 1 = CUC$ 1.04
British Pound British Pound  GBP £ 1 = CUC$ 1.38
Swiss Franc Swiss Franc  CHF 1 = CUC$ 0.93
Danish Krone Danish Krone  DKK 1 = CUC$ 0.13
Norway Krone Norway Krone  NOK 1 = CUC$ 0.11
Sweden Krona Sweden Krona  SEK 1 = CUC$ 0.10
Yapanese Yen Japanese Yen  JPY 1 = CUC$ 0.0082

Most people visit Cuba because of family ties, curiosity, business or low prices at seaside resorts, so the island isn't trying very hard to compete with other spots in the Caribbean. If you think you're going to spend $100 a day, take $150, because Cuba is expensive, and generally you're going to want to do something for someone.

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